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You landed on this page because you value your health.

Have you noticed the craze on fasting? Wherever you look, online, on air, in print, it is mentioned.... Fasting has become THE health topic on your daily commute or even at your local gym, tennis club, golf club and your age does not dictate whether you can benefit from a good dose of 'fasting and feasting'. Clinical trials on the impact of 'fasting and feasting' on obesity, cancer and dementia are being run and new ones being set up as you read this ...
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You landed on this page because you value your health.

More and more studies are showing the benefits of fasting, it can even trigger stem cell regeneration of damaged, old immune system cells.



Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could have all the information with the support on how, when and why to fast and feast in one place? AND be able to adjust it to YOUR lifestyle.

Spoiler alert - You totally can!

What MEN are saying about this course.....

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Mike (Health and Life Coach)

You have everything to gain

Mike (Health and Life Coach)

This is the best nutrition course I have done. So many myths shattered with solid science. I gained muscle during this course after years of not being able to. I was told for so long by various health professionals that I had high cortisol and my body was in catabolic mode. I did not know the cortisol issue was more of a mindset issue than a food issue. I was fasting too long to start with. An 'aha' for me. Khush personalised this for me with the group support provided. The fasting helped shift some major mental blocks that came to light on this course. The mind-body connection is where this course 'nails it'. The fasting diets and courses only focus on the physical aspect of the human body. You have everything to gain by doing this course.

I no longer have that 'cranky' start


Not only do I have more energy now but I no longer have that 'cranky' start to the day. The information covered in the course was not only practical but has been made easy to understand and it cleared a lot of myths for me and my partner. It has also helped my partner be more rational and logical about our food choices. Looking back I did not realise I had so many unhealthy habits.

Not difficult to understand or incorporate into my life


Dr. Mark's course helped me realize that it doesn't matter the age if you are looking after your health and consciously choosing what to eat and when. The feasting and fasting process was not difficult to understand or incorporate into my life, and it was not long before I lost a few kilos, felt more energy, and generally increased my fitness. By breaking some old habits and learning some new ones, Dr. Mark's course showed me how to maintain myself at a more optimal level."

In WEEK ONE, you will hit the road running, the fasting will start and you will be discovering how your body communicates with you. In WEEK TWO, as you start to understand your body, you will dive right in and start to feast in such a way that you will be nourishing BOTH body and mind. The daily, practical and educational videos will keep you on your toes. Psssst. The myth-shattering learning during this course is key for your well being as you will be able to make sound decisions on what you put into your body from now on. Be warned your doctor may lose you. There is no time to look back, it is ONWARDS AND UPWARDS from now on.
WEEK 3, you will be learning how to 'ride the waves' as your body literally starts to 'throw out the junk'. This means your blood sugar balancing out, your liver being more supportive and your heart 'skipping a beat' (not literally) as it becomes less burdened. It's a wonderful new experience and YOU WON"T BE ALONE, support is provided all the way through. In WEEK FOUR, you will venture further into your body's own 'spark plugs' and also learn how to continue on this journey. Rest assured your journey has just begun and you will never look back.

Course curriculum


Making it an exciting and rewarding journey

  • Healthy Recipe Ideas

    This e-book is filled with over 40 great healing recipe ideas for vegans and non vegans. The meals are quick and easy to prepare with a focus on gut healing, liver support, detox, anti-inflammatory as well as blood sugar balancing and skin cleansing.

  • FB support

    During the 30 days there is ongoing support in the private FB community by me (Khush). During this course you may experience healing, detoxing and changes in your body as you progress. I will be there to answer any questions related to your journey as you feast and fast.

  • My Unique Resource Library

    Learning has to be fun as well as empowering, so you will have access to my unique resources where I share my precious health gems. Through using these, you will learn EVEN MORE about how your body 'ticks'. After all, no one else has your individual biochemistry.

Invest in YOUR health

About Me

  • Dr. Khush Mark

    Dr. Khush Mark

    I love what I do, which is helping people like you to achieve great health. I do this by running my naturopathic clinic and teaching. I have to confess I am a recovering research scientist and once I completed my PhD in cancer I knew there was more to health and disease than just man-made synthetic drugs. I gained a passion for nutrition, naturopathy and later homeopathy and I put together my 17 years experience into my course here. At heart, I will always be a recovering research scientist and one of my gifts is that I can share that 'sciencey research' in a practical way with my clients and students. My passion is to help be part of your health gains. I hope you can join me on the educational and practical journey to great health!  PS. if you have any questions shoot me an email 

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